Shigar is a district in the Baltistan division of Gilgit–Baltistan in the north of Skardu in northern Pakistan. The Shigar River, bisecting the Shigar valley, falls in the Indus River at Skardu city. The town is a popular site for tourists and trekkers and contains many historical buildings of architectural significance associated with the all communities. It is the gateway to great mountain range of Karakorum including where 5 Eight-thousanders of the world falls, including the K2 . The valley is very fertile and rich in fruits including apples, cherries, apricots, pears and walnuts.

Points of interest:

Shigar Fort

Amburik Mosque

Khilingrong Mosque

Khanqah e Muallah Shigar

Hashoo pi Bhag

Marapi Ranga

Ree masjid

K2 Basecamp

Astana of Syed Mir Yahya

Khureed Ranga Gulabpur

Choutran (Garam Chasma)

Ticho Ranga Gulabpur

Khanqah Gulabpur

Wazirpur Khanqah

Bissel (Garam Chasma)

The town serves as a gateway to the Karakoram mountains including K2 ,via the Shigar Valley.[2]